Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hungry Caterpillar Crochet Baby Hat

Hello Friends,

I hope your week was great and you are ready to enjoy the lovely weekend ahead. Here in Florida we've been having some rain showers but mostly sunshine and warmth. Well HOT weather but it feels good on the bones and body.
One of my friends from college contacted me about making a hat for her daughter to wear for her 1 year old birthday. She found a hat resembling the Hungry Caterpillar from the children's book and wanted to have one made. The theme for her first birthday is the Hungry Caterpillar so naturally a hat would look great! I was very flattered she asked me to make the hat, especially because she could have just ordered the one she saw on Etsy.

I got right to work and was pretty happy with the final result:

The hat she found on Etsy did not include earflaps. She wanted to have earflaps added because she thought they really made the hat look extra cute! I was a little worried about getting each antenna right as I have not made anything quite like them before, but I was able to make it work!

 Because I am not the best at following patterns without a diagram, I have made all of my hats so far from my own pattern. Each yarn has slightly different thickness, even the same brand but different colors have different thickness so sometimes there is adjusting throughout the making of each hat.

I also made some more pink ones. Those closed eye owls still look so cute to me!

 I am a little torn on which type of owl "ears" I like better. The streamer ones which are much easier to make and put on the hat or the triangle like ones here. I guess it depends on the person buying the hat or wearing the hat.

My summer projects are mostly smaller items because it is too hot to have blankets to be draped on my while I hook away. As soon as things cool down I will get back to work on my granny stripe. Once the school year starts back up I am not sure how much time I will have to make hats that people order so I am trying to make them now so I have stock of them. Once the snow starts falling up north, people will be wanting more hats.

Today I purchased a new sewing machine, it should arrive sometime early next week. Please keep your fingers crossed that I have much better luck with this one. I will be sure to share it with you once it arrives. I also purchased a new crochet book, so some new flowers will be popping up very soon.

Enjoy the wonderful weekend.
xoxo Susan

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  1. Susan, I idn't think your hats could get any cuter, but I think they just did. I love your latest, I bet your friends daughter will look adorable at her party with it on. I am melting in this heat and humidity, ah..... Florida in August.
    Have a great day,