Sunday, August 7, 2011

A few more owl hats

Good Morning,

Today is my very last day of summer break. Where did the time go? This past week I tried to do as little work as possible but there are always some things that just need to be done. Overall I was able to relax and have a week of leisure.

I was able to make a couple more crochet owl hats...

This completes the collection for my college friend Jessica. She ordered two for her daughter and one little pink owl for her new niece who was born just last week. I would not have been inclined to make the dark gray owl and purple but Jessica suggested the colors after seeing a similar one and I must say, I really did love the color combo. The dark charcoal gray with the deep and bright purple really popped.

The pink owl looks extra bright in the photos but it is really a soft light pink color using Bernat's Super Soft Baby yarn. We don't want the new born to have rough yarn next to her skin. 

I am not sure what the day holds for us. The sky looks cloudy already, which means we may be in for more rain than the usually quick shower and sunny day. Maybe the pool, or some tennis, or both!

Have a great Sunday,
xoxo Susan


  1. Susan, love all the owl hats. You did a great job as usual and I love the color choices. I bet you could do amazing things with colors and just have fun.
    Hope your last day of break was a good one.