Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hurrican Season Begins

Hello Friends,

I just finished another book a few minutes ago, and as I was thinking about what I should read next I remembered I need to update my blog. Before I let myself get swept away in another book, I need to complete a few more rows. This blanket is being made with Lion Brand Vanna's Choice and Vanna Baby yarn (the yellow is Ducky from Vanna Baby).

This blanket is as wide as the top of the queen sized bed. I was aiming for a width to be able to cover one person comfortably whether the person is laying on a bed or relaxing on a couch. Now I just need to keep increasing the length, which I am finding to be rather difficult in the hot weather. I get very warm as I work on this blanket. I try to position the blanket so if it not covering my body but the temperature is above 90 degrees, even inside in the air conditioning is warm when this is covering me. I may have to work on smaller sized projects during the summer.

June starts the official beginning of Hurricane Season here in Florida. We are in desparate need of rain and although we have had a few showers over the last week or two, the rainfall does not come close to the amount we need to get out of this drought. I am sure it will come soon enough.

A Little Piece of Florida
We planted two dwarf banana trees two months ago and one of our plants is growing much more than the other.

We really can't believe the difference in growth. As far as we can tell, they both get the same amount of sunlight. Well I better get hooking. I hope you are having some sunshine and warm weather where you are.
xoxo Susan


  1. I know what you mean about large (non cotton) works, when it gets warm here I can't seem to handle those either. I love your blanket, it's colors are very similar to the one I started for the boys'room (and Mom is continuing) :-)
    Stay safe from those hurricanes!

  2. Hi! I just found your blog, and I'm loving it!

    Yes, it's the start of Hurricane Season, and already there is something to watch, over on the east side of the Gulf of Mexico, headed toward southern Texas. My son lives in southern Texas, and I go get him when these things scare me, so I'm watching it. He 'evacuates' to me. LOL

    That granny stripe is gorgeous. I am working on one, too, and am almost done! Using Lucy's directions, it turns out huge! I'm excited to finally get it done. I love your colors, I do not have the gift of choosing color. I always have to have help.

  3. Those colours are great and remind me of being at the beach!
    I'm making a big blanket at the moment too, although it's winter here, and quite nice to be warm as I'm making it :)

  4. I know what you mean about the weather. I've been working on a 6 foot wide beautiful ripple blanket, but it's SO hot! I want it to be cold again so that I'm more inspired to work on it. It was 105 here today, and that does not make me want to cuddle up in a blanket-in-progress and get hooking!