Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My First Crochet Cowl

Hello Friends,

I cannot believe I have not posted in almost a week. Time is flying and each day I come home I am so tired I do not have energy to crochet. Just a couple more weeks and things will calm down a little. The weather is still hotter than hot here in Florida. We got word earlier today that Hurricane Irene will not be heading our way (I am on the west coast of FL), so no Hurricane Days for us, which I am completely fine with.

Although we will have very warm weather for many more weeks (and months), I made my first cowl a couple weeks ago and finally uploaded the photos to share. This was a very fast project, I used the pattern from the yarn label - Lions Brand Thick & Quick (1 Skein). The pattern was called the Openhook Crocheted Cowl.

This really was Quick & Thick yarn. I was done in no time. If you are looking for a quick project you can whip up and get your momentum going, this one might do the trick!

Well, there you have it. A cowl. I bet when the Quick & Thick yarn goes on sale, I will buy every color and make one in every color. Hopefully my mom likes it because I would not have much use for them down here. This will be a must bring when I travel up north for Thanksgiving.

I hope you are having a fabulous week,
xoxo Susan


  1. I love the look of that yarn!!
    Your cowl looks amazing!

  2. I love it! I've never made (or even owned) a cowl, but I might have to pick up a skein or 2 of this yarn and give it a try!

  3. You are looking totally cute in that cowl evenif it is 93 degrees out. You'll be making another one soon,they are addicting.
    Have a gret weekend,