Sunday, June 5, 2011

Starry Day Sweater in Progress

Hello Friends,

I've been working on a few projects this weekend and cannot wait to get them done and share the final products with you. I am still plugging away at my granny stripe from my last few posts. As usual, I couldn't have just one WIP. So, I started on another little project. Do you remember when I went to Seattle a few weeks ago and snapped a photo at this sweater from Anthropologie?

Well, as promised, I started working on a sweater inspired by this one and I am calling it "Starry Day" because the motifs remind me of a star. I am using Simply Soft Caron yarn. Right now I am a little worried about gauge but I just have to keep going to get the first version of the sweater and then make adjustments from there.

Once I have my first prototype I will write-up the pattern and share with you. I will also try to do a photo tutorial for the visual learners.

Other than some Starry Day sweater fun, I had a very nice weekend. Two years ago, J and I went to Alaska for a Land and Cruise tour. While we were visiting the Denali National Park area, we came across an Alaskan artist, Tok Hwang. He had some great paintings and prints of Alaska as well as some original oil paintings. We really like his work especially one of his original oil paintings. A few weeks ago my husband surprised me and purchased Tok Hwang's last oil painting. It arrived at our house on Friday all the way from Alaska. The painting is called Hatcher Pass and features a winter scene of the Mount McKinley (also referred as "Denali" by some). Here it is!

After waiting about three weeks for the arrival of the painting we were very glad to finally see it. I hope your weekend was wonderful too!
xoxo Susan


  1. Don't worry Susan, you're not alone in having more than 1 WIP. I think crocheters suffer from the disease of having so many WIPs :-D

    Your sweater project looks lovely, can't wait to see your finished piece. And the painting is so beautiful, love it! Your husband is so sweet :-)

  2. Really pretty sweater. Your painting is beautiful:)

  3. Hello! was wondering if you finished the pattern for this. please share if you have! :)