Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hello Friends,

I am back in Florida and ready to be back on my blog. Thank you for bearing with me! I have been crocheting more and more hats! I will share some new hats tomorrow. For today, I want to show you some beautiful historical buildings in downtown Buffalo, NY. The first building is the Guaranty Building, now called the Prudential Building. The building was created by Louis Sullivan of Chicago and was finished in 1896. The building is known as one of the finest architectural building in the U.S.A. The building was re-named the Prudential Building soon after it was finished because of funding provided by Prudential Insurance Co. and both names can be seen on the outside of the building.
Another tid-bit of info: When Hilary Clinton was a Senate representative for New York State she housed her Buffalo office in this building.

From the corner of Church Street and Franklin Street, several great architectural buildings can be seen (one of them was the Cathedral from the last post).

The next building is the county courthouse located in Erie County (where Buffalo is located). Althought this building is not noted as an architectural masterpiece, I always think it looks neat from the outside.

The next building is one of the most beautiful buildings in Western New York. The Our Lady of Victory Basicilica. Referred to by many locals as "The Basicilica" this building stands in Lackawana NY and is the home of Father Nelson Baker. Every time I am visiting my "home" in western NY, I stop by the basilica to enjoy the beauty of the fine artistry in and outside of the building.

The Basilica has so much to share with visitors and viewers, that I will dedicate a whole post to share photos of the inside of this magnificant place of worship.

Well, I promise to be back on my blogging path and share all of the crochet goodies I have been working on with you. I hope your summer has been lovely so far (and winter for those of you down under!).

Have a fabulous day!
xoxo Susan


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  2. Lovely photos Susan, glad you are home, safe and sound.
    Happy Weekend,