Monday, June 20, 2011

More Baby Owl Hats, Bee Hat, Frog Hat Finish and Flowers

Good Morning Friends,

Thanks for stopping by. I have been away for a few days because I shuffled off to Buffalo for my brother's wedding. Summer is in full force in Buffalo, NY and the flowers, green grass and wonderful Buffalo lovelies are all waiting for me to snap photos and share with you. Before I get into some flowers, I finished another blue baby owl hat and made the final touches on the frog hat.

Blue Sleeping Owl Hat

Baby Frog Hat

Crochet Owl Hats

Baby Frog and Baby Bee Hat

The whole crew in the garden
I know, you may be getting sick of seeing my baby hats by now. But I just can't get enough of them. I made another one last night, but I let my mom take it to work this morning before I was able to snap a photo of it.

As soon as my dad drove into the driveway of the house, I saw this beautiful purple flower "ball" in there next door neighbor's garden.

Early sprouts of another purple flower
 Right outside my parents' front window I saw a bee around the hanging flowers.

Stepping stone
 Some other pretty flowers around the street.

Hanging Flowers
One of the things I love the most about visiting Buffalo in the summer is the hanging flower. We have hanging flowers in Florida but they just don't get as full and lush like the ones do here - I suspect this is because the sun is so strong the plants are not able to get as much water as they need (unless you water them all day long). I have many great photos to share this week, I hope you enjoy your tour of Buffalo, NY. It does not really snow there all the time!

xoxo Susan


  1. Your hats are so sweet! Love the photos... our hanging baskets here are lovely, too... but more expensive every year!

  2. Hi!!
    What a cute hats you do!!! Love them all. I'm really pleased to discovered your blog today.
    I'm your new follower.
    Kind regards from a sunny Mediterranean island in Spain.

  3. Hi susan, sounds like a great trip. All my flowers are wilting in all this heat and no rain. My grass is brown in spots, I miss the grass up north so soft and smooth. Welcome home,

  4. Not getting sick of the hats- doubt I ever well!
    They are super adorable!!