Friday, June 24, 2011

Good Morning Friends,

Thanks for visiting today. Today is the wedding day for my brother Kevin and his bride Mary. Right now it is quite rainy outside, but we are keeping our fingers crossed no rain between the ceremony and reception. Earlier this week the weather was lovely and I stopped to meet my mom for lunch in downtown Buffalo.

We stopped by Saint Paul's Cathedral, one of Buffalo's many historical landmarks.

 This one is an episcopal church, but most of the churches I visited this week were catholic churches and have many more photos to share. Buffalo has a large number of old churches which contain beautiful craftsmanship that is difficult to find in modern buildings Buffalo was a booming city at the turn of the century and held the 1901 Pan-American Exposition. President McKinley was shot during the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo and President Theodore Roosevelt was inaugurated right in Buffalo.

Well before I go on some more with a Buffalo history lesson, I must get ready for the wedding! The wedding is taking place in Niagara Falls, NY so as long as it is not raining too hard, I will have some Niagara Falls photos to share.

Have a fabulous Friday,
xoxo Susan


  1. the stained glass is STUNNING

  2. Beautiful church Susan. have a lovely time at the wedding and with your family. Florida misses you,