Sunday, January 30, 2011

Morning Sun

Good Morning! I took this photo yesterday while I was on my way to the science fair. When I first noticed the beautiful sunrise, I didn't have my camera ready to take a photo, so while this does not capture the best shot, it will hopefully brighten your day if you are sun-less and snowbound.

Our day today will be filled with outdoor activities. We are going to play tennis and do a little BBQ-ing for dinner on the lanai. I also wanted to note to anyone who is crochet, the craft store A.C.Moore has Vanna's Choice Lion Brand yarn on sale for only $1.99!!!! This is a great deal. I will be going out and stocking up.


  1. I want to combine these pictures. Take the darker sky int he top and put it around the red sun on the bottom. Or maybe move the sun into the top picture, I think I like that composition more. Nice pics though.


  2. I can send you the originals. I wish I could have gotten the shot at the beginning of the bridge, maybe this weekend I will cross over it again early in the morning.