Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thunder and Lightning

Hello Friends,

Welcome to all of my new followers! And thank you for all of my followers who have been following for a while :) I have been working on finishing up my granny garden blanket but every time I want to take some photos to share, it starts to get like this...

A summer storm coming on.
You can see the rain falling from the clouds on the left side
I enjoy the rain here in Florida because it is a nice break from the constant sunny days we have here. The sound of the rain is nice and it makes me feel like I must curl up and read a book, or crochet the day away. When the sun is out I usually feel like I should be out and about doing things.

So, since I wasn't able to get some natural light, I had to settling on the lights inside of the house and the camera flash because I really wanted to share my additional rows on the granny garden. Although the blanket is now eight squares by ten squares and sufficient to be a throw blanket, I want to make it ten by ten so it is a little bit bigger. I do look forward to finish this so I can check one more project off my list.

Right now with 8 by 10 circles
I am almost done with the last two rows of circles, then I will just have to doing the outer edge with a connect as you go. One of my friends saw some of my baby hats and sent me an email to see if I could make a custom hat for her daughter's first birthday! I am working on it right now and will share pictures once it is complete. I hope your week is starting off well.
xoxo Susan


  1. Beautiful work!!!
    Good luck with the birthday hat!!!
    My regards from the other coast of Florida and also raining!!!

    Fort Lauderdale, Fla

  2. That is so so pretty Susan! I love the lacy edges to each square, and the bright colours inside, its looking wonderful.
    I know what you mean about the weather, I'm the same - i try to match the days activities to the weather when i can! Could do with some of your Florida sunshine this way though!
    Gill x

  3. Hi Susan!
    Just popped back to answer your questions from my blog!
    How exciting you just got your first sewing machine! Now you will really wish there were more hours in the day, what with crochet and sewing!
    Just checked the label on my lemon tree and as this is England not Florida, it simply says "Limone"!!! Got it from our local nursery run by and Italian who sells lots of Italian stuff, and the blossom does smell wonderful!
    Gill xx

  4. If you don't want to do more granny squares you can always enlarge your throw by the border/edging you use. Just several rows of single and/or double crochet border and then a pretty edging will add inches to your throw. Your squares are so lovely.

  5. Hello,

    your grannyplankit is very lovely.I like your colors so match.

    greatings send you Conny