Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Day at the Beach

Hello Friends,

Are you enjoying the summer goodness? Most of the U.S. is experiencing very warm or hot temperatures recently. Although the heat can be too much at times just remember how cold you were all winter long and the spring you never had. Go outside and let the warmth sooth your muscles - it does the body good. Drink a lot of water too!

We've been getting some heavy rains late afternoon which is slowly filling up our ponds. A few more good downpours and the pond should be filled back up. J and I were able to take some time to go to one of the beaches nearby. We went to Sanibel Island one of the areas best beach locations and enjoyed the sand and sun. J is the master of finding good treasures in the water and he found a star fish.

We have never found these before while at the beach in Florida. J has found some 5 "leg" star fish in the back waters (mixed salt water and fresh water) but this was a new find! We brought it out of the water to take some photos.

The star fish was still alive and was starting to try to move back to the water...

I took one last photo and we set it free into the water. Sanibel Island is located on the west coast of Florida so this was found on the gulf side of the state. Does anyone know if these have a special name? It looks like it would be called a star fish or sea star as some people call them. We thought it was really neat!

Have a Fabulous Friday!
xoxo Susan


  1. That is an amazing star fish and your photos are fabulous.
    British summers are renowned for being wet, but we have had a good spell of beautiful weather. The primary schools broke up for the summer yesterday, so let's hope that the rain holds off!

  2. Beuatiful starfish, have never seen anything like that!
    How lovely to be spending time on the beach - enjoy!!
    The weather here has finally perked up a bit(fingers crossed that it stays a while!)
    Gill xx

  3. ScottishfairynuffJuly 29, 2011 at 11:57 AM

    Amazing details on your photos. I love Sanibel and am hoping to return next summer too.

  4. Beautiful starfish, I've never seen one up here. I hate it when people pick sand dollars out of the water, alive and take them home. I always say something to let them know they are killing it, but they don't seem to care, so horrible.
    Have a great day,