Friday, July 22, 2011

Granny Gardening...

Hello Everyone,

Although this is my first week of summer vacation, I have been busy working on research proposals for an upcoming conference this coming academic year. I have been getting some crochet in though, I just haven't been updating you accordingly. Do you remember my granny garden blanket? Well I am expanding the lapghan to a larger blanket. I loved all of the color granny circles turned square when I first started reading blogs back in January. As a born again crocheter I wanted to make all of the great projects everyone had been working on for the last few years so I made several lap afghans to satisfy my desire to try so any of the great patterns all of you out there have been using!

Granny Garden
I also got to the point where I just needed a break from weaving in all those ends and making all of those little circles. This past week I have been making some more circles to add a few more rows to the blanket. I also used the connect-as-you-go technique.

We've also had some excitement in our backyard the last few days. Do you know what this is?

I bet you have an idea now!
 A small alligator has made its way to the backyard pond. This is very common in Florida, but we have not had one lurking around our pond in a few years. With several small children around our street, all of the neighbors were concerned. Fish and Wildlife officers will remove alligators from community or public areas if the alligator is over 4 ft long or if it is at least 18 inches and considered is a danger/nuisance.

Small Alligator in our Backyard
 We did not see the alligator today, so we are not sure if s/he decided to move to another pond or if Fish and Wildlife came and removed it. So that was our backyard excitement this week!

I hope your week has been moving along nicely. As I said, I have been busy crocheting so stop back tomorrow for another project and another post!

Have a fabulous Friday,

xoxo Susan


  1. The afghan is glorious!!! OMG an alligator in your back yard!!!! I would be enormously shocked to see onre of thosw in my English garden! I do get the occasional frog LOL

  2. love the afghan, amazing, and I have no words to convey how much I cannot imagine having an alligator in your background

  3. And here's the difference between Florida/USA and Bavaria/Germany: you've got an alligator, we've had an escaped bull in our backyard ;)

    Anyway - you've got a very nice blog over here, I'm glad I've found your site!

  4. Beautiful blanket! I love the colours.
    Don't envy you the alligator though...
    Jane x

  5. Susan, love, love, love the blanket. Your alligator is so common here isn't it? It freaks out visitors when they see them though doesn't it? I was on a walk this morning and I heard one bellow, so it must still be mating season!
    Have a great day,

  6. What a beautiful blanket would it be!!1 Love the colours.
    Have a nice vacations.
    Kind regards from Spain

  7. Love your blanket. Scared of the alligator!

  8. very sweet blanket

    i love your grannys

    hugs Conny

  9. I can't wait to see this done. Are you going to edge it. Keep me posted on what you select. I'm looking through ideas now too. I have to go find this pattern link. I really love it and am looking for my next undertaking.