Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Sweater to Make

Good Morning!

So far my weekend has been filled with relaxation and I plan to continue to relax today. I do have a little bit of work to squeeze in before the day is through. Tomorrow will be back to work for another new week. I noticed in blogland the last few weeks seem to be filled with sweaters, wraps, and shawls, myself included with my cotton cardigan. While I was in Seattle, I visited an Anthropologie store and found this lovely crocheted sweater.

I immediately took out my camera to snap a photo so I could remember the details of the design. I hope to have a pattern created within two weeks and of course I will share it with all of you! I already have one friend who has requested one after seeing the photo. We'll see if she still wants one after seeing a photo of the one made by me (hehe). But, assuming the sweater turns out great, I am thinking this may be the perfect gift for my friends for this year.

I just surveyed my yarn stash and made a list of more blues and greens I need to continue with my granny stripe blanket. A quick trip to A.C. Moore and I will be all set. All of the Vanna's Choice and Vanna's Baby yarn is on sale 2 for $5 this week (regular $3.29). I will be stopping later today to replenish my stash.
I hope to take some progress photos of my other cardigan I am working on. So far it is looking quite nice, but far from finished. Check back for some photos soon!

Have a fabulous Sunday,
xoxo Susan

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  1. Susan, that sweater is beautiful!!!! I would love the pattern so good luck making one up for all of us. Glad you are having a nice relaxing weekend,