Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cardigan Almost Done!!!

Good Morning Lovelies,

My cardigan is almost complete. I am so excited to finish it and wear my sweater!! This sweater hooks up so fast, I just love it. I am already thinking about different yarns to try making additional ones. I also and trying to wrap my head around altering the stitches. Maybe after a few more types of sweaters, I will have a good feel for the shaping required so I can customize them a little bit.

The Back

The Front - I am not sure why the photo was so blurry.

Almost complete!!!!
I used 100% cotton for this one, so I know the shape will not hold up as well as others, but I wanted something good for the hot summers here. I am going to keep the sleeves short because I want to be able to throw this on over a sleeveless dress. I may add a little bit to the sleeves but I am not sure. I may bring it in to the office to see what the ladies think before I add more.
Have a fabulous Saturday!!
xoxo Susan

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  1. Susan, I just finished my first crochet sweater and I just love it. Perfect for here in Florida. Your sweater is looking fantastic, and the cotton is perfect.
    Good luck,