Friday, May 20, 2011

Back Again!

Hello Friends,

I am back from Seattle and quite exhausted. Direct flights from my nearest airport and Seattle were not an option so it took a full day of travel both ways. On the way there we had a short stop in Reno where I took some shots out the window of the plane.

Reno, Nevada

Outside of the Reno Nevada Airport area
My planed stopped in Reno but I did not have to switch planes, so the flight attendants let people who were staying on the plane for the next flight get off the plane to stretch our legs and get something to eat. When I got off the plane, I was surprised to see slot machines right inside the airport terminal! I guess I forgot gambling is legal all over the state of Nevada.

It looked so neat, I just had to take another photo
I arrived at the Seattle Airport late in the afternoon and didn't have time to check out the city of Seattle until later the next day. The purpose of my trip was for business, so I really only had about 3 hours to check things out around the city throughout the trip.

Look at all of the green!

My hotel, The Cedarbrook Lodge
 I stayed at the Cedarbrook Lodge, which used to be owned by a large banking corporation before they went under when the economy crashed. The banking corporation used it for company retreats, seminars, and conferences. When the company went bankrupt, another company took over the grounds and opened up the lodge for use as a hotel. It was very nice. There was a common space on my floor called the "living room" where complimentary bottles of spring water, string cheese, yogurt, chocolates, and ice cream were available. It was lovely!

I stopped to touch this grass each day. I miss soft grass. As you probably notice in my outside crochet photos, the grass here in FL is thick and hard

The weather was great, it was 70 degrees and sunny
Well that's all for today friends. I have to catch up on some sleep, do some crocheting and everyday life activities. Tomorrow I have some crochet goodness to share.
Have a fabulous start to your weekend!
xoxo Susan


  1. Susan,
    The photos are beautiful. I miss soft grass, too. Growing up in Michigan we were always out in our bare feet. In Florida the St. Ausustine grass is really crab grass in disguise. So hard and stiff and a haven for fire ants. Glad your trip was nice.

  2. Congratulations on yout blog awards from Jane at Hook and Yarn!
    The hotel you stayed in looks and sounds great! We are lucky here in the UK to have soft grass, and take it for granted really - but it is always a pleasure to walk barefoot and sit on it!
    Glad you had a good trip, look forward to seeing your crochet.
    Gill xx