Saturday, August 11, 2012

Finally Friday!!

Hello lovelies,

I am so glad Friday is finally here. Now that I work a regular Monday - Friday work week I really enjoy the weekends much more than before. After work a friend an her two kids came over for some swimming and pizza. Since my summer blogging hiatus we added a pool to our new house!
Since I am almost 8 months months pregnant being able to float around in the pool all night after work has been blissful especially in the hot Florida sun. 

My first time in the pool! The baby in my belly loved it
 We have some LED lights in the pool and it looks like a light show at night when we turn them on. I think the baby will love these when she gets older.

I hope you are able to cool off on the hot summer days where you are. Once things cool off a little bit here I will enjoy crocheting poolside :)

xoxo Susan

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