Saturday, August 11, 2012

Super Saturdays

Good Morning Lovelies,

Last night I realized I forgot my tote bag at work with my current crochet project in it, which also has my favorite hooks in it :(  Luckily I have plenty of other hooks and yarn (just a little extra right?) at home to keep me busy this weekend. Last year I bought a little case filled with hooks of all different sizes but I cannot find that little case anywhere. The case may also be in my big bag that I left under my desk at work.

So this morning I am preparing for my friend Jessica to come over for some lunch, laughs, maybe some swimming, AND crochet! She is brand new to crochet. She started just a couple of weeks ago when she picked up one of those "I Taught Myself How to Crochet" kids at Michaels. I was out of town that weekend so I wasn't able to help her get started or show her any special tricks, whatever those tricks may be. Today she is coming over to get going and try some different yarns to practice.

I am hoping to finally get started on a blanket for my little one on the way. I am trying to decide if she wants a little ripple, a granny stripe, granny squares, granny stripe chevron, or do the Circle of Friends pattern. She will probably end up with one of each but which one do I start with????
I am going to make this yummy dip for our gathering: Sundried Tomato Dip. I found it on Pinterest several months ago and made it before. I am not a big tomato fan but this dip is DELICIOUS. Well worth the time to make it, and pretty simple to make. I think a nice salad with grilled chicken strips on top will be a nice little lunch for us.

Have a fabulous Saturday!!

xoxo Susan


  1. Have fun with your friend. The baby will love all blankets.

  2. Can I come over, too? I can help teach crochet and advise you on starting your new ripple blanket for the little one. Have a great time,