Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Connecting My Daisies As I Go

Happy Tuesday Friends,

Luckily we came out of the storm (Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac) with minimal rain and not too much wind. The east coast of Florida was not so lucky, they are experiencing some flooding. Back at work today with just few bands of rain and lots of sunshine inbetween. I hope things are not too bad for those north of the Gulf of Mexico as the storms moves north.  

I have been connecting my pink daisy squares using the connect-as-you-go method. Usually I tie in my ends before connecting but this time I am leaving all of my ends until the end. I have never left all of my ends out until the end so it is a little nerve racking but I wanted to see if I like doing it all at once better than doing it little by little. I think little by little may slow me down because I dread the periods of time when I have to tie them in, so I may not work on projects as much knowing if I am at a point where I would tie them in before proceeding.  


I was able to whip up a little baby cocoon for my little pumpkin yesterday. The Lion Brand Wool Ease, Thick & Quick is on sale this week at Michael's for $5 each. I will post the pattern for this tomorrow. I can't wait to put my little pumpkin in this and take some photos. I bought a light blue and a pink color to make a few more! They are very easy to make and look nice and cozy for babies.  
Crochet Baby Cocoon, 17 inches long

My due date is 38 days from today. In general, I am feeling pretty good. Walking is more like waddling and I dread trying to sit up from my bed every time I have to use the rest room at night, which is about 3 times a night. We can't wait to have our baby girl here!

xoxo Susan 


  1. she is going to look adorable surrounded by all that beautiful crochet. Glad you are doing good and the storm wasn't too bad.

  2. So glad to hear you got off lightly with the storm, but it shows how long since I visited you - many congratulations on expecting a little girl, how wonderful!!!
    Love the pretty pink and white granny squares, and the little cocoons are so sweet.
    Take care and rest well, so much to dream about!
    Gill xx

  3. I love your Pink Daisy Blanket, it's beautiful!