Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Winter Farmer's Market Now Open

Good Morning,

The days cannot get any better here in Southwest Florida. The temperature is in the mid 70's (degrees F) and the sun is shines all day. Our semester started yesterday so I have to spend my days indoors for a few days to get things going. One of the best things about the nice weather is the winter farmer's market is back. I was lucky enough to pop over there last week and was delighted to see all of the goodies.

January and February are the peak of strawberry season and these strawberries were the best ones I have ever had. They were completely red not a white part to be had. You could eat the whole entire thing in one soft bite.

I will be going back for more this coming week.  They were perfect for a snack by themselves or with some greek yogurt.

 My crochet time has been consumed by some hat orders from my etsy site. Whenever I least expect it, orders start coming in. So two more owls hats are just about done. I have shared so many owl hats I think you are probably getting sick of them - boring!

We did get two days of cooler temps and I caught my hubby on the couch with my ripple blanket. It does feel lovely. I am working on making it much larger so it can be used the opposite way.

Happy Tuesday,
xoxo Susan

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