Friday, January 13, 2012

Warming Up

Hello Friends, 

The weekend is finally here and I hope to be able to work on some of my WIPs. This past week I was making more hats to fill orders on owl hats from my etsy shop. When the orders come in, I have to put my other projects down.

I am working on another little neat owl thing that I hope to be able to show you at the end of the weekend. It looks nice so far but I do not have that "it is going to be GREAT" feeling yet. I think once it starts to take shape a little more the feeling will come. Nothing more exciting than a new WIP that will be extra cute.

Although the temperature will not really count as cold, the temperature did drop so I made some yummy cups of hot chocolate for J and I.

My blogiversary is coming up and I must get a few WIPs complete for my one year mark. Keep your fingers crossed. Have a fabulous weekend.

xoxo Susan

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  1. It has been a bit chilly here in Florida hasn't it? Love the change for a bit. You have been crazy busy with all you crochet and your hubby looks very toasty under the ripple. Have a great weekend,