Friday, January 6, 2012

A New Year

Hello Friends,

I been MIA for a whole week. Time just slipped away. I have been preparing syllabi and getting my courses ready for our semester which begins on Monday. All of the courses I am teaching are online so I need to have everything in line, or I guess "online" haha before the semester starts. Face-to-face courses required less up front time as online ones, but I do enjoy online courses very much.

Anyways, I also got the Windows 7 Security Virus, not once but twice now. So my posting and computer skills have been a little limited lately. So, I am going to share my Pinterest link with you. You probably have seen it being thrown around on blogs, facebook or other online arenas. If you have not joined you MUST! You will not regret it. Pinterest is like your "Favorite Places" list or "Bookmarks" except, you can find things easily because there is a photo there!

I have already made some yummy food from recipes I found from Pinterest like this:

Here is my version:

The really turned out quite good. I added some garlic powder to add some more flavor. If you want the recipes click on the first photo (Pinterest Photo) and once you get to the pinterest site, click on the photo again, this will take you to the original posting of the article. Isn't it great?!

You can also collect photos of great crochet and other crafty things like these:

If those photos do not make you want to go check out Pinterest, then I do not know what will  :)
If you do not log in with a facebook or google account, or get invited by a friend, I heard you will be on the waiting list for a while. If you need an invite, send me your email and I will send you an invite.

Happy Weekend,
xoxo Susan

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  1. wow these photos are great!!!
    I have tried to avoid pinterest as I know I'll get addicted!