Friday, November 18, 2011

Perfect Little Baby with an Owl Hat (of course)

Hello Friends,

I was able to meet baby Anthony today, my friend Anna's new little bundle of joy. He was so perfect and cuddley I just wanted to stay forever. His owl hat is a little big right now but he is growing very quickly so by the time a lot of snow falls and he really needs to bundle up the hat should fit him perfectly.

Perfect little pumpkin

Just a little big

After visiting with Anna, her husband Anthony and Baby Anthony, I enjoyed a wonderful haddock fish fry for dinner with my family, and then went to see my 90 year old Nana. She was looking well and in good spirits. A great start to visit to Buffalo.

I hope your weekend is starting off just as fabulously as mine. Tomorrow I may get to visit an Alpaca farm I did not even know about!!!

xoxo Susan


  1. So, so cute. I made an owl too. I think they are the "in" thing right now. And so much fun to make.

  2. He is totally adorable and looks perfect in your hat. Have fun with your family,

  3. He's so tiny and sweet! I love the hat. As an aside, I bought yarn to start on two infinity scarves with your pattern as Christmas gifts. I'm starting today- wish me luck!