Sunday, December 7, 2014

Toddler Rocking Chair Re-do

Hello Lovelies,

We are having a cloudy and humid Sunday here, perfect for napping babies and toddlers and mommy crochet and photo snapping time. Over the last few days we have had a new crew of big birds in our backyard, it must be good fish hunting in the pond behind our house because every time I look out, I see another one with a fish in its mouth.

Florida birds eating some fish

Florida birds

We typically have one or two blue herons that hang around, but these big white ones are not year round regulars. Now that you saw a glimpse of what is happening outside, I will show you what I was working on "inside".

My two year old Lauren loves our neighbor's little rocking chair so I have been wanting to get her a little rocking chair but didn't want to spend $40 or $50 dollars on one. When someone posted a little rocking chair on my local Buy/Sell/Trade facebook group, I snatched one up for $5. It was in rougher shape than I thought. I ended up having to take it apart and tighten all of the screws because it was quite shaky.

The chair originally had a Hello Kitty decal on the seat back. I immediately started peeling it off before thinking about taking a "Before" photo so this is the chair minus the Hello Kitty decal sticker. I am going to start with spray painting it a shade of white!

xo Susan

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  1. Those look like wood storks to me, but I might be wrong about that. Love the little chair, good luck on the re-do.