Saturday, June 16, 2012

Baby Sweater, the first of many?

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are doing super and enjoying the weekend. I finally started to make my first baby item and also my first article of baby clothing. Since we live in Florida, we do not use sweaters very often but there are days in the fall and winter when the temperature drops and sweaters are brought out. Unfortunately this past year, we had only about two days like this, but I suspect as 2012 comes closer to an end, we will have weather cool enough for the baby to need to put on a sweater.

I decided to start out with a basic sweater pattern - possibly the most basic one, and I was very happy with it. I used the Lion Brand Free Pattern called Lion Brand Baby's First Sweater, Soft & Simple Raglan Jacket free from Lion Brand website. You may need to make a log-in in order to see the pattern.

The first piece of the pattern - the back

All of the pieces, the back is in the middle, the top left and top right are the sleeves,
and the bottom left and right are the front sides

Putting the pieces together

All the pieces connected and ends woven in

Reading for the collar, trim and buttons!
Overall this was a great little project and I highly recommend it for anyone expecting a baby or wanting to make a sweater for a baby they know. I think I have a good idea now about the shape of a baby sweater and may deviate and make a pattern of my own... after I make a few more to be sure though! This one is in the smallest size and my gage was small than the pattern measurements. So, it will be used for my baby girl when she is first born, or else for one of her baby dolls when she is older :) My next post should be a nice completed sweater, and maybe the start of another one too!

Enjoy the weekend,

xoxo Susan


  1. It is adorable and I am so excited for you. A baby girl!!!!! Hooray!

  2. Gorgeous! Congrats on having a baby girl. So much fun to prepare for!

  3. Congrats! Baby girls are so fun to crochet for. I am expecting my first grand daughter in August.Making sweaters, hats and booties for the first time is a challenge for me. Love this pattern and will have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing! Eileen xo