Friday, October 14, 2011

Baby Boy Dreams Blanket Progress - Almost Done!

Happy Friday!

This is the middle of the semester for us at our university so we stress levels are high for both students and faculty. Usually once we get to this point, the rest of the semester flies by. I have been busy preparing research presentations for a conference I have coming up which always seems to come up just a little bit too soon.

Similarly, the holidays and babies are the way do not wait for when we are ready either so I have been trying to not get behind. I thought I had enough squares but the 10 by 8 just wasn't looking right, so I added another row so the blanket is 10 by 9.

The colors look better in person since some of the blues look like they are almost the same color in the photo and many of the green look blah in the photo. I am going to make a blue owl hat to go along with this baby blanket. This blanket is for a baby boy who is not due until February, but I have a friend who is ready to go any day now who did not find out the sex of the baby. So if she has a boy, this one can be sent over to her and I can make another one for the February baby.

J has been catching some nice fish in our backyard pond. This is a large Tilapia he caught the other day. Tilapia are difficult to catch with a pole because they typically eat vegetation at the bottom of the pond. Lately the tilapia have been popping up to eat some of the catfish food we feed to the catfish in the pond, so they have been eating a high protein diet.

Today at work in honor of one of our faculty members who just had surgery for breast cancer we had a wear pink day. I thought my new pink scarf would be a great addition to my pink shirt so I wore it proudly. And guess what? I have two people who want to order a handmade scarf just like my pink never-ending scar (infinity) for trips to colder climates (remember I am located in sunny southwest Florida)!
Well, I am off to start my weekend crocheting. How many scarves can I finish this weekend?
xoxo Susan


  1. So glad you are able to get some time in with your blanket as your as so busy. A little crochet time really does help doesn't it? Love how the blanket is looking, such great colors and they look very nice on the computer so they must be amazing in person.
    Happy weekend,

  2. Wow Susan you have been so busy!
    The blanket is looking so bright and lovely, and i have just had a peek at your last post after you mentioned the pink scarf and they are wonderful!
    I just dont know how you fit it all in with your busy work schedule too!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Gill xx