Sunday, September 2, 2012

Daisy Blanket Squares Connected

Happy Sunday Friends,

I've been spending most of the day inside to avoid swollen feet but I did slip out to make a run to Michael's Craft Store for the Vanna's Choice Sale and extra 20% off coupon good today and tomorrow.

As of today I am 35 weeks and 2 days pregnant. In one week and 5 days she will be considered full term and I think she will stay in for at least that long. This morning I was craving milk and drank about half of a gallon.

So back to the yarn. The yarn is on sale 2/$5 and then with the extra 20% (even sale items!) each skein is only $2 each. Unfortunately the store near me has been out of white for a few weeks now so I was not able to stock up on that. I've used other yarns but I really like Vanna's Choice and Vanna's Baby for making baby hats and blankets. The yarn is consistent and has a nice thickness to it without feeling bulky. I used Vanna's Choice in White for my Pink Daisy Blanket and Debbie Stoller's Washable Ewe for the Pink and Yellow.
The ends still need to be woven in, but the 5 by 5 squares are now complete and connected.

So now I have to decide if I want to add one more row and make this a 6 by 5 square or if I should leave it as it is and just add a nice border. For now I am putting it on things that the baby would use it with such as the swing to see how I like the size. Right now I am still undecided.

For those of you who are celebrating the end of the summer this Labor Day Weekend I hope you are outside enjoying the lovely weather. I remember Labor Day weekend always seemed sad when living up north. Summer was over and it was time to get ready for another school year and another cold winter. But now living down in Florida, school started weeks ago and the summer weather will be here for at least another month so it is just another weekend of beautiful weather. Which I will enjoy inside this year doing final preparations for the baby's arrival.

Enjoy the long weekend and happy crafting!

xoxo Susan


  1. First of all you are so adorable I can't even stand it. The blanket is perfect, you have done a great job. I am over this heat and humidity, I am roasting.

  2. You look so cute! And I think that the blanket is the perfect size. We have so many blankets that are just a bit too big, and folding makes them too bulky. Congratulations on being so close to full term!

  3. You look really well- how exciting to be counting down to baby's arrival :)
    I love your blanket. I made my first Granny square ever the other day and I'm hooked-pardon the pun!!

    It's beginning to feel Autumnal here, so enjoy the sunshine. x

  4. Blanket is adorable so are you! how exciting!